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t3h Band G33ks

where a band geek is a good geek

Band Geeks of The World Unite
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bandg33ks is a half rating community, half chat forum for band geeks of all ages. This community is meant to help band geeks connect with other band geeks. It's a place for people to share their success stories, frustrations, interesting finds, icons or images, or perhaps a great joke. Members of the community vote on each new member to determine whether or not the applicant gets into the community. Once you are a member of the community, you can vote on other applicants and can post to the community anything you want which is band/music related.

Rules For Applicants:
1. You MUST be a band geek. Hopefully, this is self explanatory.
2. When posting your application, put your name and the instrument you play in the subject field.
3. To make sure you read the rules, please put "accelerando!" in your lj-cut.
[The LJ cut is included in the application codes.]
4. Please be polite and respectful to all of our current members. If a member chooses to vote no, this is their decision. Voting will occur for three days or until you have 20 yesses. Which ever happens first.
5. Do not start drama in your application.
6. Do not vote on any other applicants until you've been accepted.
7. Do not post a new thread until you've been accepted (except for your application).
8. Post your application within a week of joining or you will be taken off the members list.
9. If your application is rejected, you may reapply after 9 days. I don't know why 9 days, it just seems like a good number.
10. If someone says "sway me", you must respond to help the member decide. If you choose not to, it is a no.
11. Please make all of your entries friends only because this is a FRIENDS ONLY community to keep drama out.

Rules For Members:
1. Please be polite and respectful to all of our members. They are here for the same reason as you.
2. NO DRAMA! Please also keep any posts appropriate. [Mostly this means no sex or nudity.]
3. Do not take anything from this site [codes, icons, images, screencaps] without first asking permission from the maker. If you do take something with permission, please credit.
4. Please make all of your entries friends only because this is a FRIENDS ONLY community to keep drama out.
5. Vote and stay active. :-)
6. When voting, please state yes, no, or sway me in the subject field. Please write a reason why in the comment.
7. Please wait for a mod to vote so that you know that everything is okay for the voting.
8. Please, please, PLEASE HAVE FUN!

Copy and paste these codes into a new entry.

The userinfo codes were created by the wicked awesome captivatiingly and modified by x24hoursx. All graphics unless otherwise noted are created by x24hoursx.

Promo Buttons // Promo Banners (Coming Soon)

These are our mods and maintainers. Please contact them if you need to ask a question, are having difficulties with something, or would like to be affiliates.

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