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1. Name: Erin
2. Age: 17
3. Where abouts are you located? You don't need to be specific, just a general idea. NJ
4. What instruments do you play and for how long? I’ve played clarinet for 3 years now. I also play bass clarinet, but I’ve been playing that for less than a year.
5. What kind of band are you a part of? I a member of the marching band and the wind ensemble.
6. What is the best thing about being a band geek? The other people you meet through band become your best friends and family. Plus, you get introduced to new music.
7. Tell us a bit about your band days. Include a special band memory. During marching band season I have no life. We practice 3 hours every Monday and Wednesday, plus football games on Fridays, 6 hour practices Saturdays and competitions Sundays. It’s a lot of work, but I love it! My special band memory is band camp last year; the entire trip was just so much fun. Our show was amazing and seeing it from the beginning was awesome.
8. What's your favorite tune? It changes regularly, at the moment I would have to pick the slow part for “Overture to Candide”.
9. How annoying is practicing to you? It’s not annoying at all, it’s something I have to do, especially because I haven’t been playing as long as everyone else.
10. Why do you consider yourself a geek? The people I hang out with are all band members, the only thing I talk about is music and band, I practice often, I listen to the music constantly and in my school, you have to date someone in the band, so I’ve done that.
11. Tell us about the kind of music you like outside of band. I like almost anything. I don’t enjoy the newer stuff, hip hop or rap. But other than that I’m pretty open. I love rock music, country and show tunes. Broadway is a big part of my life! I love it.
12. We really would like to become a large community, so please promote us! This can be in your journal, your user info, a friend's journal, a myspace bulletin, a promotion journal, anywhere promoting is allowed. You can find buttons and their codes here. Please post the link here.
13. Please post a picture so we can put a face to the name. [And create your member banner.]

It’s my main myspace picture. My username is nycishome if you want to see others.

14. Anything else? The reason I joined band was to hang out with friends, I did not play any instrument before picking up the clarinet in order in join marching band my sophomore year. I think that these few years have given me the greatest experience of my life and I will never forget it. It’s quite weird to think that this is my last year, but I’m sure I will have a blast!

Also, I went away for three weeks (one being band camp) the day after I signed up for this guild, and couldn't post this for a few weeks. I hioe you'll take t now, if not. I will delete myself and come back if you want.
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