Mrs. Twirly McDuck (twirlandswirl) wrote in bandg33ks,
Mrs. Twirly McDuck

Ann- Clarinet

1. Name: Ann, Kieryn, or Garren. I'll answer to any of the three, pick your favorite. :)
2. Age: Tenteen, also known as 20.
3. Where abouts are you located? You don't need to be specific, just a general idea. Gainesville, Florida
4. What instruments do you play and for how long? Clarinet, for nine years. I also played recorder in elementary school!
5. What kind of band are you a part of? I was in high school marching band, now I'm in college marching band, concert band, clarinet ensemble, and will be auditioning for the symphonic band this year. *crosses fingers*
6. What is the best thing about being a band geek? Making music! And performing it and sharing it with other people.
7. Tell us a bit about your band days. Include a special band memory. Oh, boy. I ramble, will try to keep this short-ish. Well, here's a short one. For my 15th birthday, my band and I were at the BOA National Championships. As you may or may not know, GN runs Thursday-Saturday. My birthday was that Sunday. So, after finals finished, we got out of the Dome about 1157pm, or so, and I said, oh, it's only a few minutes until my birthday! Some girls from another band heard me, and a whole gigantic group of people, all band geeks, coming out of Nationals, were all there with my counting down the seconds til I turned 15. Another favorite memory was when we won our class at a BOA regional. It was the single most amazingly shocking thing in my whole life. We were all in utter disbelief. My college band memories aren't as fond just yet, but college band is just a lot more FUN and relaxed... I guess I'll get some good stories eventually, though.
8. What's your favorite tune? Hm, I'm in love with St. Paul's Suite by Holst right now.
9. How annoying is practicing to you? Depends on if I like the particular piece or not. It's always satisfying to work out something you couldn't get before, though.
10. Why do you consider yourself a geek? Because my life revolves around it! Seriously.
11. Tell us about the kind of music you like outside of band. There's music outside of band...? I listen to a lot of drum corps and Broadway musicals. I guess that's not too far removed from band after all, heh.
12. We really would like to become a large community, so please promote us! This can be in your journal, your user info, a friend's journal, a myspace bulletin, a promotion journal, anywhere promoting is allowed. You can find buttons and their codes here. Please post the link here.
13. Please post a picture so we can put a face to the name. [And create your member banner.]
Just one, unless someone asks for more! :)

14. Anything else? Umm... I like alfredo? :)
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I like alfredo, too! ;-)

I loooove the clarinet. And that is a very sweet birthday memory.

Right now, the first 20 applicants are auto-accepted. Soon, I'll get around to making the member graphics. Enjoy the comm! :-)
Gracias. :)