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Woo! Um, hi everyone, I'm a newbie..I geuss. Just haven't posted yet. Anyway, I play clarinet in the marching band at our school and bass clarinet in Wind Ensemble. As we haven't done much in Wind ENsemble yet I can't really talk about it, but marching is AWESOME!

We had a foot ball game last friday. I personal think that our performace wasn't bad at all! I know I made a few stupid things, but thats okay. It was fun having a home game though. One of my best friends from last year, MaryAnn came back from college to watch us so I got to hang out with her during our free time 3rd quater. HORRARY! I miss all my senior friends from last year. :( Come back and visit us! Anyway, we lost the game (don't know by how much) but it was still fun.

Today we had a 6 hour practice! Really longer, because we always go over and start early... I actually think I enjoed most of marching band today. Granted I enjoy a lot of marching band, which is why I do it, but it's rare to enjoy a Saturday rehearsal. We changed the ending drill of our show so now the ENITER BAND yes, all 80 something people rotate in circles around ME! I find it highly amusing. :) Of course, this meant that large portion of today was filled with short-jokes. (I'm REALLY short, and no one could see me to do the drill properly.)

Thought I'd share my marching weekend with you guys! Hope everyone else is having fun!
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